A Leader’s Take on What the Future of Project Management Is Going to Be

In today’s world, project management has become universal as its methodologies are being used in virtually every industry. It is both an art and science, and businesses can reach to organizations that provide a training program for project management. In the 20th century, project management has been a prudent attempt that focuses on the technical tools related to business work schedules, time management, and program management.

The challenges that are approaching in the 21st century change the way the businesses manage any change in their projects. But now as the jobs are evolving, mainly the traditional jobs, project managers are looking more creative ways to manage stuff like budget, scope and project ROI.

Talking about the future, people do talk about that project management will no longer be in existence. However, I do not believe that project management will go away. Projects will always be there and so will be the need of project management. The future might change the strategies for project management, but it will exist for sure.

The future of project management will be driven by several business processes. Let’s see what are those processes:

  • Cloud: Cloud-based solutions for project management will provide robust tools and higher computing power will empower managers to make fast decisions on the ground. This cloud-based approach will allow teams to collaborate from anywhere and share information anytime. There are plenty of tools already based in cloud and future is going to see even more. People are preferring to use cloud based tools for more convenience and efficient working.
  • Mobile: The trend of smartphones and tablets is rapidly increasing, which means more companies adopting mobile application for various needs. Project management is a management of activities and projects and is somewhat challenged in complex world of business. Thereby, to ensure the integrity of the project across various platforms interconnected to different social networks, businesses have started paying more on software add-ons.
  • Social: Several vendors have started integrating social network plugins like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook in their project management software for easy integration. Project management software will not only integrate with these social platforms, but also target small businesses on it with teams in multiple locations.

As these processes will soon be becoming a part of every industry using project management tools, let’s see what are the future advancements that will be further brought in project management strategy:

There will be no designated project manager

In all kinds of industries the project manager has a main role to play. In the near future, with project management tools, there would be not main role of these project managers. Depending on the phase of the project like development phase or design phase, the role of the project manager will rotate throughout the development lifecycle.

Advanced leadership capabilities with increased need of tools

To provide more functionality the project managers will have to elevate their game and empower advanced leadership capabilities. Different software will give different features, the smart and intuitive services will rise to the top.

Need to be more agile

The future of project management is believed to close up the traditional waterfall project management and agile techniques. There will be different tools with each different approach and smart project managers will pick the tools according to their needs.

The evolution of collaboration ecosystem

There are various apps for different work and people have to rely on these apps for one work or the other. The future of project management lies on combining these closed apps together. It will inhibit collaboration technology where it will be possible for everyone to converge and work together easily. Everything for your project will be under one roof.

Remote work

The work is getting dispersed widely each day and it is increasing the need for remote project management software. The overall success, budgets and project schedules depends on having the right technology. And the right technology is the right project management tools which is inspiring companies to adopt remote working techniques.

Thus, the future lies in all the teams having a single system for everything at work and will not have to move between different tools. The companies need to be updated with new project management trends for a bright future in their industry. They need to understand their strengths, opportunities, and threats and increase the chances of advancing and adopt ways to respond to challenges in a better way.

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