9 Places to Get The Best Graphics, Text and Video for Your PM Blog

9-places-to-get-the-best-graphics-text-and-video-for-your-pm-blog1When it comes to getting just the right content on your blog, it feels like it’s easy to get it wrong. Take one misstep, and you’re going to lose followers in their droves. While it’s not quite as dreadful as that, making common mistakes is a serious concern. You want to present your blog as professional, and the first step to doing so is creating excellent content.

When this is the case, the best thing to do is to outsource your content creation. Here’s some of the most common mistakes bloggers make, and the best outsourcing tools to avoid them.


When it comes to video, quality is everything. Filming on an iPhone in someone’s bedroom was acceptable ten years ago, but now even YouTube demands better. Your videos need to be slick, entertaining, and have a strong message. To make them you need the experience, and excellent quality equipment. If you’re missing one or both of these, get in touch with these content creators.

  1. iStock: This service offers flexible plans, so you can keep them on a retainer ready for when you need video on your blog. Alternatively, you can buy credits to download a video at any time.
  2. Video Scribe: You can use this service for just a one off video, or you can pay a monthly fee to retain access to them. Either way, it’s worth it thanks to the HD quality video they can provide.
  3. Video Hive: Need a video quickly? You can buy a stock video from here, which you’ll be free to use on your site.


Text can be a minefield in blogs. Even if you have something important and useful to share with your readers, the message will be lost if your presentation isn’t spot on. Your grammar and spelling have to be immaculate, every time. Anything less can look deeply unprofessional and sloppy. If that sounds like too much pressure to you, never fear. These professional writers can help you out.

  1. Write My Assignment: This writing service are great for proofreading. Many bloggers are always trying to stay one step ahead of the latest trends, so they need to be publishing quickly. They’ll proofread your finished pieces, then edit and return them to you, ready for publication.
  2. Boom Essays: This is one of the most experienced writing companies around. All you have to do is contact them with the topic and any particular links you want covered, and they’ll do the rest. Once you get the completed pieces back, you can get them published right away.
  3. UK Writings Service: If you need work done within tight deadlines, this is the company for you. They can take on work with even a few hours before the deadline, and create a perfect blog post for you.


Images can be a tricky one to get right. Unless you already happen to be a professional grade photographer, you’re going to have trouble getting images that are just right. Lifting images from online sources can be dangerous, as you may not be sure of exactly where the image came from. Many bloggers have been burned by lawsuits claiming they were using stolen artwork. In this case, it’s much better to have a company create the images for you specially.

  1. Vector Stock: Vector images are often the best quality ones. Buy access to some excellent ones here.
  2. Shutterstock: There’s a huge range of images to pick from here, including illustrations, vectors and photos. Whatever you need, it’s probably here. Take your pick!
  3. Vecteezy: If you’re short on cash this is the place to be. There’s a huge range of free vectors available here that you can use, with proper credit to the creators. It’s the easiest way to have quality artwork on your blog.

As you can see, it’s easy to make mistakes, but it’s even easier still to correct them. Try using the resources mentioned here when you’re stuck for a solution. It can be the best way to get yourself out of a jam. Plus, your blog will look great and professional once you’ve used these services.

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