6 Ways Technology is Transforming Project Management

It is crucial for project teams to deliver maximum output with minimal input. Technology has sided with these teams to ensure quality products with maximum productivity. Everything, from the software they use to the hardware, has been digitized to make it possible.

Apart from the advancements made in software and hardware, key technology trends are also reinventing how project teams work.

They have started collaborating better, and the overall functioning of these teams has improved exceptionally.

Here we have curated six different ways in which technology has transformed project management.

1. Easy Sharing

For project teams that work in a collaborative fashion, there is a need for constant updates of the data and information. Real-time updates help them collaborate better and send out the results faster.

For instance, when the design and development teams work on the same project, the design needs to share the files and mention where the coding is needed. If there is a tool that can help them share the information faster, then productivity is at its maximum.

There are mobile apps as well as desktop apps that have been defined for sharing and storing purposes. The Google docs is one such way of sharing content and information with the people connected remotely.

In fact, currently, developers are also creating app solutions for the wearable so that the information is constantly available, and can be shared within devices instantly.

No longer does the team need to be in one room to discuss the projects, the file sharing and collaborative apps have made working in remote culture a highly productive phenomenon.

2. Enhanced Communication

Communication is integral to project management teams. You cannot complete a project on time if you don’t have the right communication channels. However, several members of the team, work from remote locations, given globalization and the connected world through the Internet.

That is why it was essential to redefine the way teams communicate. Technology has paved the way for project management teams to be more communicative, and ensure that the work is completed even when everyone is not in the same room.

Quick and real-time messaging apps like Whatsapp and Video calling apps like Skype have made meetings take place anywhere at any given time. You no longer need to be in a single office to get updates on the project and manage the team. Emails, messaging apps, video calling software solutions and the intranet abilities have made the teams and the management highly productive.

3. Improved Resource Management

Knowing the tasks, assigning the work and even managing the resources is a task for the management. Sometimes, you don’t use the resources optimally. As a result, you tend to reduce the overall efficiency of your company and keep adding resources, which increases the overall cost.

The task management software solutions that are available help you understand the total tasks that you need to perform as part of the project. It allows you to assign and delegate the work to the resources. The software solution helps you understand which resource does not have work, and which ones are overworked, thus enabling reassigning and better delegation.

The dashboard gives a quick overview of the work status and the project resources, which allows you to take action in real-time.

4. Going Paperless

Documentation is a major task for project managers. Imagine, in the past when the design and the development team used to work in tandem with the client, they used to print the designs, send it to the development team and the client.

The client would make the changes and then resend them. you had to go through the pain of reprinting or redrawing the whole screen. This would go on till you both were satisfied. The to and fro along with the actual work on the individual screens took a lot of time.

With project management software, you can go paperless. You just need to email the files to the client, and every little detail is stored in the cloud. Retrieval, sending and even discussing happens without the need for proper documentation. Every single conversation is recorded via emails, making it simpler and more productive. You don’t need to remember the feedback or wait for it anymore. It happens in real-time.

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5. Facilitates Time Tracking

Most projects go beyond the deadline because of the issues with time management.

You are never able to finish the project on time as you spend way too much time trying to getting the data, tracking and monitoring as well as using resources on tasks that are unnecessary.

Apart from consuming resources unnecessarily, you also tend to waste a lot of time, and you have no clue how. Tracking the hours that you have spent on the priorities and the not so urgent tasks is difficult, which is why you normally have no time for the actual work.

Technology has made tracking time easy and effective. You can time the start and end hours for the particular task, and know how much of the time taken was useless.

You will also know how well you can manage the tasks. In some cases, these time management tools have made it easier for you to effectively calculate the actual time you will take to accomplish the task.

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6. Managing Risks Effectively

Risks are part of the projects that you are working on. However, it is not necessary that all the projects come up with the same issues or risk factors. Identifying the risks involved and planning ways to tackle them is essential. That’s why you need technology.

Every project is analyzed and the risks involved are effectively translated. You will know the obstacles you are bound to face beforehand, thus being prepared with the solutions.

With this, possible issues are resolved within a matter of minutes, and your resource’s productivity increases. When you are aware of the risks, you tend to move faster.

Summing up

Technology is reinventing all aspects of a usual business life. With the highly proactive mobile apps, you can speed up most of your project tasks, and increase the productivity of your team.

Managing a project and completing it does not take up a lot of your time or effort with these tools by your side.

You need to choose the right tools, and opt for the right tech trends so that you can ensure faster and smoother completion of the projects.

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