6 Ways a CRM Will Make Your Sales Team`s Life Easier

Things were managed differently before the introduction of home computers i.e mid 1980’s. It was all about paperwork, huge files and cabinets and a lot of manual work. It was highly time consuming. So what difference did a computer make? It made life easy, fast and organized. Today in 2018, offices cannot imagine themselves without computers, then how can a sales team work without CRM? When you think of sales, think CRM.

CRM is immensely essential when it comes to managing your sales process because this is related to your customers and customers value the most to any business. You can be from any industry any product or service etc. but your sales team definitely cannot progress if they do not have a CRM in place.

You might say that there are several ways to manage sales without CRM one of which is excel. However, excel in no ways helps you to reduce manual efforts you need to manage sales. It is as good as paperwork.

Wondering what can be the benefits of a CRM and how will sales team life become easy? Let’s explore:-

1) No manual work involved

If you analyse your current sales process, you will see your team is putting lot of time and energy in maintaining their contacts or creating reports of follow-up management etc. This time that the sales team is investing in manual efforts can be utilised efficiently to raise your sales productivity if you have a CRM in place. A CRM will capture all your leads and deals automatically which will reduce your time in recording them manually otherwise. Similarly you reduce the chances of missing any lead as things are automated.

Once manual tasks are automated, your team will be motivated to focus on activities that need better attention like client communication, meetings and deal closing. If processes are not easy or manual, sales team becomes lethargic and does not find motivation to work.

2) Better relationship management with your customers/prospects

Customer ofcourse stays with you for product or services you give them but more than that they stay for the kind of experience you give them. Give them a positive experience and rest assured of the long term business relations but a one negative experience and you will lose the customer forever. A CRM reduces chances of such negative experience situations.

You get task and follow-up reminders at the duration when you want to be reminded, plus all the historical communication is recorded which allows you to get all the information about previous communication in one glance.This is impossible with a CRM because not tool other than a CRM will help you in managing your historical communication, be it call, emails etc. You need to nurture your relationship with customer and keep them a priority.

The biggest benefit of having a happy customer is that same customer will give you more leads and prospects by referring you to them. Word of mouth acts magically in case of a happy customer. Here you have an opportunity to have more deals closing every month. Grab it with the help of CRM.

3) Better team coordination

It is not only the sales team or business development team that manages customers. To keep customers happy, there are combined efforts taken inside sales team, sales/business development team and customer success team which might operate from various locations. Coordinating between these teams can be a mess without sales CRM software. With other tools it is impossible to track and check historical communication that you had with customers.

With an easy CRM, all the teams can access to a particular set of information from any location making jobs simpler and better. Reduces dependability on each other and teams can work faster, take necessary actions whenever required.

4) Closing more deals

Closing deals become easy if things are simplified. In a CRM your leads/prospects and opportunities/deals are handled very smartly. You have a separate deal pipeline or sales pipeline where you get to see all the deals that you have and you can pick and chose the deals that can be closed fastest. With deal pipeline having different stages in it, you can easily analyse number of deals stuck in a particular stage and take measure to move it to next level.

If you are not able to close deals, you can brainstorm and analyse why particular deals are stuck in a stage and what can you do to move them to next step. Such analysis helps to get in touch with your deals, analyse the issue in deal closure and finally win the deals.

5) Better analysis/ quantification of your success

CRM will surely keep your customers happy but you will also be able to track your sales process which will make you and your team happy. CRM’s are very efficient when it comes to reports. You do not need to pull your excel sheets to gather data or make reports if you have a CRM. To give you an example, you can see the quarterly sales done by your sales team member, total revenue the he/she was able to generate, see top 5 paying clients etc. anything that is possible in your sales process.And all this can be done with just a few click and not much brainstorming.

Reports is the most powerful feature that a CRM will help you with and help you in your sales progress.

6) Data security

For sales managers, sales data has a huge value but it cannot be secured without a CRM. The more number of people having access to the same data, the more it increases the issues related with data loss or data security.

There are number of CRM where your admin has power to control data access and choose who sees what in the CRM. Your data remains intact as control is done by one person who heads the sales team. Imagine how difficult it would be without a CRM to keep your data secure? With a CRM ,have all controlling powers in your hands and keep your valuable data safe.


I am sure now you might have got the significance of having a CRM, no matter how small or big your business is. Customers help you get to a level where your business is today but it matters how you be in touch with them and make their lives easy. Keep your customers happy.

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