5 Ways That Can Actually Increase Employee Productivity

There are tons of article on increasing employee productivity and increasing employee efficiency. But first, it’s very essential to understand the difference between employee efficiency & employee productivity.

Let’s understand these two concepts in simpler terms. Increasing employee efficiency means generating the same output using lesser resources. And increasing employee productivity means generating more output with same resources. Now as an entrepreneur, you must be more interested in growing output as it directly indicates growth. So, here we have 6 proven ways that can actually increase employee productivity in your business.

5 Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

There are some shocking facts about employee productivity, and numbers are not very good looking. According to the report, employees are becoming less and less productive every year. This is a huge concern for an organization, as employees are the most important part of any business growth. Here we have 6 ways that can increase employee productivity at your organization.

Let’s start.

1. Let Them Do What They Are Good At

It would be a huge joke if you give data entry to the one who is pretty good at analysis. According to Gallup News, 51% of the U.S. employees keep an eye on new opportunities or look for a new job. One of the reasons for that huge number is less job satisfaction.

Employee productivity has a world to do with what they do. If they don’t like what they are doing, you can’t expect them to excel in it. Take your own example, can you be awesome at a government job while you know entrepreneurship is your forte?

2. Weekly Focus With Time Tracking

Distractions hamper employee productivity.

If your goals are not fixed for the week, you can’t basically measure the productivity because you have so many variables to consider.

What we can do is, select a plan for the week and track employee time. There are many employee time tracking apps available on the market that can fit your requirement. Time tracking with planning is a perfect combination for employee productivity. Employees themselves have to feed the time they have spent, so it is a stepping stone for better time management. Hence, increased employee productivity.

Meanwhile, at the company meetings you can guide your employees on how to complete a task in a faster manner.

3. Give Employees The Liberty To Make Decisions

According to a Psychcentral article, employees who have the liberty to make choices are happier and more productive. Tell your employees what exactly you want as the output along with the set of priorities and deadlines. Then, allow them to make decisions that are relevant to their own work. We bet, they will surely excel and meet your expectations.

When employees take decisions for their work, they act more responsible towards the upcoming events as the consequences are based on their own decisions. Not just it improves the employee productivity, but also develop leadership skills in each one of them.

Sure, having a managerial hierarchy is advisable for a smooth workflow, but it somehow doesn’t allow employees to take their own decisions. At your workplace, you can develop a system where every employee can take decisions regarding their field of excellence. This habit develops decision-making skills and leadership qualities in your workforce.

4. Mindful Breaks

According to a a href=”http://www.health.com/home/workday-breaks-help-employees-reboot-researchers-say”>Health Article, employees who take short and frequent breaks keep them physically and mentally healthier. Hence, better productivity as the result.

Advice your staff to take short breaks between the tasks like taking a coffee or tea break, playing a ping pong game, or solving a puzzle. These breaks have a greater impact than we think.

It’s like solving a Sudoku puzzle. Sometimes, after a series of efforts, you can’t find any progress in Sudoku. But after a 10 minutes break, you come up with the solution!

Same way, taking small breaks can offer employees a different perspective on their work. And they can come up with more creative solutions than before.

5. Be A Great Boss!

Well, you must be a great boss already, but there is always something more you can do!

We are not just talking about paying your employees well. Although there is a positive effect on employee productivity where people get paid well. But, we are talking about a bigger perspective.

Appreciate your employees for their great work in public channels like company groups, meetups, and company gatherings. Present your views by including examples of high performing employees. Public appreciation can increase the morale of employees and increase performance. Meanwhile, other employees can have a great example to look forward to.

Apart from appreciating, you can motivate employees in self-care, physical fitness, mental health, etc.


So, these are the tried and tested ways to increase employee productivity. If you have another great solution that you have tried at your workplace, do share with us in the comments below

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