5 Top Tips for Working Successfully with Freelancers

As a project manager, you will find that freelancers are talented professionals that can help you succeed. Perhaps you are building a team of remote workers to support you and want to know how to work well with these new hires. Managing a team of collaborators is always challenging but also rewarding when you are working with talented individuals.

Below are five tips for working successfully with freelancers and everything you need to know when working with them

1. Give sufficient information from the start

Being a great communicator from the beginning can really make or break your project’s success. Some project managers make the mistake of keeping details secret or only revealing bits of information after signing the contract. Make sure to let the individual your working with know all the information required so they can understand your business needs, what their role will be in the project and timeline.

2. Make sure to get something in writing

Get basic terms in place for every project with a freelancer, especially if you are feeling a little wary about a new relationship with a freelancer. A contract will help protect you also also make things official.

3. Be prompt with feedback

Many hiring manager of freelancers often forget about their needs. If they have a question for you or if they require your feedback, be prompt in your reply. This will ensure they can proceed with their work and i can be completed to deadline. The lack of feedback can seriously delay a project as negatively affect your relationship with a freelancer since it demonstrates a lack of respect for their time and effort.

4. Be prompt with payment

Keep the people you’re working with happy and pay them on time. Most freelancers will expect payment within the standard 30 day period. If they have done their work then it’s only fair to recognise this with prompt payment. Also, it will also ensure that you are a person they enjoy working with and benefit your working relationship.

5. Give a degree of space

If you’ve hired a talented freelancing professional to help you with your project, it’s important to give them a certain level of space and let them do their job. Of course you will need to provide feedback, critique their work, give direction and also monitor their progress. However, refrain from trying to micromanage every step they take.

This is business

At the end of the day, it’s about getting the job done. With so many great freelancers available, there are great people to work with who you can build lasting professional relationships with. However, if it isn’t working out then you might have to turn them away. Don’t be afraid to be straightforward and strict with your requirements to get the job completed to standard. It’s all about doing what is right for your company and the project.

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