5 Tips To Master Remote Team Project Management

Allowing your team to work remotely provides many benefits for both you and them. However, the biggest problem is how you manage them and the projects they’re working on. This blog post will help you by providing five tips that will make you a master in remote team project management.

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1. Create A Work Schedule

The first tip is simple; you have to create a work schedule for your remote team to work on. This ensures that everyone is on the same page every day, and they know what they’ve got to do and at what time. So, even though they’re all working in different locations, they’re working on the same schedule.

2. Set Up Good Communication Methods

Anyone that’s been in the project management game for a long time can tell you that communication is key. One of the only downsides of a remote team is that you’re not all in the same office and can’t just shout to one another when you have questions or need to discuss things. So, you have to set up good communication methods to compensate for this. Have group calls on Skype so everyone can ask questions whenever they need to. It’s a great way of keeping everyone all connected and communicating freely.

3. Use Cloud-Based Office Software

Cloud software is brilliant for anyone that needs to manage a remote team. This helps improve collaboration between you and your team. People can complete their work and then grant you access to go look at it, make comments, and tell them what has to change, etc. Likewise, it also allows other members of a remote team to work on the same thing without being in the same place. There’s loads of cloud-based office software out there that’s beneficial for your business and helps you manage your remote team. My preference is Google’s G-Suite of apps but don’t let that stop you testing to see what works for you.

4. Set Clear Goals And Expectations

The fourth tip to master remote team project management is to set clear goals and expectations. Make sure your team knows exactly what you want to achieve and what’s expected of them. Define each person’s roles and set them goals for the day/week/month. This helps improve their productivity, particularly when combined with a work schedule.

5. Hire The Right People

Perhaps the best tip you can receive is to make sure you hire the right people. You’ll find it a lot easier to manage a remote team if you have the right people working together on a project. For example, hire people that are based in the same time zone. This ensures everyone can work at the same time and communication is made a lot easier. Hire people that have experience working on similar projects and have worked remotely before. They’ll know what to expect and be a lot easier to manage than an inexperienced person that’s not used to working remotely.

If you use these five tips, you’ll soon become a master in remote team project management. All of your remote employees will be working efficiently and helping you achieve your product goals as quickly as possible.

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