5 Tips to Fight the Summer Productivity Slump

The arrival of summer is often a welcome sight for most people. Longer days, warmer weather and more options for outdoor adventure provides an environment that is ripe for socialising and being active.

Despite our desire to spend more time outdoors the reality of life see most of us heading indoors to work in an office most days of the week. The added heat, new activities competing for our attention and additional celebrations at this time of year can however result in a drop-in productivity.

In you want to maintain productivity year-round, Paul Towers, the Founder of Task Pigeon, a task management application for teams, has pulled together a few insights to help you achieve maximum success during summer

1. Just Start With One Thing

It is quite easy to end up with several plans and end up accomplishing none. Achieving productivity requires motivation and failing to accomplish anything can be a great downer. Targeting one task at a time will give you the opportunity to accomplish something. This in turn can give you the motivation required to tackle the next thing on your to do list.

To build this momentum you can start with easy of quick wins. Alternatively, break down that large project into a number of smaller steps so you get the repeated satisfaction of completing something.

2. Work In 30 To 60 Minute Bursts

It is both difficult and unhealthy to work for several solid hours without a break. If you are stuck with an office desk, then it’s all the more worse for you. Productivity requires you to take breaks to refresh and reset your brain.

Instead of spending many hours and struggling with concentration issues, plan your work into small 30-60 minute sessions. This allows you to quickly complete one set of assignments, step away for a walk, drink or anything that helps reset your mind for your next burst of energy. It is not only good for your brain, but also saves you some back pain and posture-related distress.

3. Ignore The Things That Can Distract You

When you decide to sit down and work or finish a given task, make sure you keep a blind eye for anything that causes distraction. It could be a colleague coming by for a chat, a push notification on your phone, an email or even just the internet itself. Close down your browser and emails if you are that easily distracted and you will get more done.

It is very easy to get distracted from work especially if the task at hand is challenging. Distractions are by far the most notorious impediments to productivity. Avoid social media and office chit chats until you have finished your task. Then if you really must go and ask that colleague about their weekend. But subconsciously set a time limit for how long you are going to chat.

4. Recognise The Impact That Heat & Dehydration Can Have On Productivity

It is important to recognize how dehydration and summer heat affect your performance. During peak heat and early afternoon, getting things done if you let yourself get dehydrated or are easily affected by the heat. You will feel physically slower and fatigued. Both of which make it hard to get things done.

To overcome a productivity slump, you can plan the weight of your tasks to be in the morning and try to achieve maximum concentration during those hours. Assign lighter tasks for later in the day.

You can also find ways to keep you hydrated and chilled despite the high temperatures outside. Keep a functional fun and some cold beverages to refresh you between your breaks.

5. Summer Is A Great Time To Start Exercising Again – This Positively Affects Your Mood And Productivity

The benefits of exercising on productivity go without saying. Research has shown that exercising will not only increase your energy and keep you healthy and fit, but also improve moods. Elevated mood is the key to ultimate productivity and nothing can beat that.

You can take some time to exercise during the summer to improve your moods and motivate you to work. This can be done early in the morning or late evening when the temperatures are low. If you choose to exercise in the morning, remember not to exhaust yourself to a point where you find it difficult to concentrate.

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Paul Towers is a 3 x Entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Task Pigeon, a task management application that empowers teams to get more done each day. Paul also advises Student Entrepreneurs and Startups in Sydney, Australia and has previously managed large teams. You can connect with Paul on Twitter.