5 Proven Ways To Increase Team Morale And Performance

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The success of your business depends on the people who work for you. If you have a team of professionals who share the common goals and intentions, you will definitely succeed. However, if your team is unbalanced and if some members do not understand why exactly they do what they do, the results may be quite frustrating. The matter is that employee morale and performance are of high importance, and nothing can replace these factors.

Why are they so important for your business? Low morale is nothing more than a lack of desire to go to the office, to work productively, and to perform all tasks. Low morale increases the level of turnover and automatically leads to the inability to reach the settled goals. At the same time, high morale is one of the key factors of success.

As a project manager, you need to take the responsibility of keeping morale at the highest possible level to increase performance and enjoy the perfect quality of the work. We have collected 5 proven ways that help you increase team morale and performance and encourage your project team to work harder and get better results.

Develop the understanding of purpose

First and foremost, you need to make sure that all your employees understand the purposes that you and your business have. The matter is that people always work better when they have an understanding of what they do, and what is more important, to what results their work should lead. Otherwise, they just perform tasks that do nothing for reaching the ultimate goal.

If you think that some of the team don’t understand the purpose of your work, you just need to talk to them. If you have no time for regular meetings with every individual, send a corporate email where you tell all your colleagues what you have already achieved and what you want to achieve in the soonest time. Be as detailed with the plans and purposes as possible. You can also describe the responsibilities of all departments to develop an understanding of what other people do for reaching a common goal.

Celebrate achievements

Everyone needs some encouragement to continue their work. If you forget about it, your employees lose moral and inspiration turning into the machines that just do what they need to do. The easiest way to fix this problem is to start to celebrate every important success. Frequently, we do not pay attention to what we have already achieved and start to worry only when something goes wrong. If you have noticed that you talk to your members only when you have problems, you risk to demotivate them. Be generous with words and do not forget to celebrate the accomplishments.

We do not talk about huge celebrations. Again, it is enough to write an email to your colleagues where you describe what you have already achieved and how different people and departments were involved in this process.

Listen to your teammates

There are several types of bosses, and perhaps the worst type of them is a despot who does not listen to their employees. Of course, everyone wants to be the smartest one and have a huge expertise in all spheres. However, it does not happen in real life. Your employees have expertise in different fields, and you need to admit the fact that in some spheres they have better expertise. Use that to build strategies for your business development. For example, one of your colleagues may be a guru of writing term papers. If you use their writing talents in the development of your business, you can improve it greatly.

Do not be afraid to delegate your tasks to the employees. In this way, you show them that you trust them and know that they share your vision of how the work should be done.

Encourage your colleagues to generate ideas

Every person has some ambitions, but some people are too shy to demonstrate that they have them. You should help your teammates to get rid of the shyness. Encourage them to tell you directly if they have some ideas and always listen to them. If you work in a big company and have no time to listen to every member, create a special creative team or single email for the letters with ideas and recommendations.

You will notice that there are many employees who really have some good ideas that can change the quality of your work.

Build a positive atmosphere

People spend more than 40 hours per week at work, and they need to feel comfortable at the office. You should always make everything possible to create a positive working environment. Make sure that there is always some fresh water, coffee, and tea at the office, that everyone has a comfortable workplace, that the computers and laptops work properly, the chairs are good, and the air conditioning is perfect. Keep office clean and tidy. If you have some extra money, spend them on Friday office parties. Organize different events and remember about team building. It will help to keep a positive atmosphere and make your employees a real team.

If you keep the morale level of your employees at a high level, you will notice that your business starts to grow faster and the achieved results exceed all your expectations. Your team will become a driving force for your company and together you will reach the success quicker.

Jake Lester

Jake Lester

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