3 Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Employee Inter-Relationships

work-relationshipsIn today’s highly competitive corporate environment and global job market, employees in all industries are always ready to explore better work opportunities. As a result, HR departments of large companies are on the lookout for available talent, but at the same time try their best to keep any eye on and build the team that they already have.

When it comes to building team spirit and integrating new staff members, the starting point is in creating an environment where good working relationships can be promoted. New employees sometimes find it hard to belong and be accepted into existing teams due to differences in behavior, attitude, work experience or qualification. However, by following three simple and effective methods, organizations can easily build a cohesive and functional team.

Mix Work with Pleasure

Sometimes, all it takes to start building a team is by having a series of icebreaker games. When new employees are given an opportunity to interact with other new and existing staff in a fun and non-formal atmosphere, they can get to know each other with a more relaxed attitude. Having a few of these game sessions within the first week of work will help introduce new members and make them feel more welcomed into existing teams.

There are a variety of interactive games to choose from. One can opt for communication-based games that help enhance better interaction. The Communication Derailed game is one such effective tool. It is a simulation game that allows players to improve their communication with each other. Another option is the Jungle Escape, a high-energy team building game that promotes trust and camaraderie. This method can also help employees understand the basic personality and character of the new staff.

Plan Regular Team Building Activities

In most organizations, team members focus on meeting deadlines individually rather than maximizing teamwork. But the basic purpose of having teams take care of certain tasks is to improve overall coordination and productivity.

The proper kind of team building activities will help foster teamwork. Besides games, team building activities can include creative in-house competitions or inter-team sports competitions. Examples are in-house art competitions between departments or a football tournament among the different office teams. Having these activities once every few months can promote team spirit and even introduce a little healthy competition in the company.

Introduce Special Teamwork Games

The initial icebreaker games promote a basic level of interaction among new employees and existing ones. In order to advance it to a deeper level, it should be followed by special team games.

A simple game of charades can work wonders in this situation. Human Resource employees can come up with better games that can instill team spirit that grows stronger. While charades is a common icebreaker at social gatherings, other games like Maestro, Strike Fighter, or Style Play may do the job as well.

Not only will these measures help promote healthy inter-relationships, it will also increase productivity and help achieve company objectives on the whole.




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    Mixing work with pleasure and giving employees the bit more by interactive team building activities helps improve Employee Engagement. But it is also important to know how much unproductive time they spend at work. Employee Management Software is a good tool to measure it and keep track of their time at work

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