2016: The Year When Project Management Will Earn its’ “Digital” Prefix

2016 Year of digital project managementDid you know that a survey conducted by Forrester out of almost 10 000 information workers discovered that 94% of them e-mail, but only 25% of them use video conferencing solutions? Or that The United States economy loses $50-$150 billion per year due to failed IT projects? Or maybe that 57% of projects fail due to communication break down? It is pretty clear from these stats that by the end of last year project management hadn’t earned the “digital ” prefix its fellow departments like sales, marketing, development etc. have.

However, there are serious indications that 2016 will be the years project management makes the leap other departments already have. Serious technological advancements, covering not only project and portfolio management software solutions, but also cloud storage devices, integrative cross-platform services, and the “bring your own device ” to work trend are definitely reassuring that digital project management is the new project management.

Project and Portfolio software solutions

A recent survey from Wrike states that project management software is used by 77% of all interviewed companies, and an enormous 87% of high performing companies (source). Moreover, 66% of organizations use PM software to communicate with their clients. This is a real eye opener to small businesses who still do not rely on software to optimize their projects, especially given the fact that team communication and quality of the final product, and we can definitely expect higher adoption rate in the year to come.

The rise of cloud storage services

This is a trend which has not lived up to expectations in 2015, and mainly because of medium and large companies preferring to keep PM related information on their own company servers, rather than cloud solutions. However, with data security no longer an issue (or at least a smaller one), and price drops in business cloud storage packages we can expect higher adoption from large companies in 2016, allowing access to PM plans and schedules anytime, anywhere.

Bring your own device

2015 was a big year for tablets and mobile phones working in service of project management. We saw an increasing number of employees bringing their own private devices to work, resulting in higher productivity, mainly as a result of a lower learning curve. As integration across devices is no longer an issue having project details on employees’ personal devices will definitely ensure higher employee involvement in projects.

Recommended Project Management Software

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