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podio logoPodio is a cloud-based work platform that provides a new way for teams to organize, track, communicate, and get work accomplished. People have more options and ways to manage their work by being in control of their work tools. With the help of workspaces, intranets, and Podio apps, users decide how to structure the workflows, projects, teams and the corresponding content and information for these. The latest Podio product features improve further in two ways how users communicate and collaborate.

Organize Conversations with Email to Item

Social activity streams have become the new way for people to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas, and topics. Podio embraced this and incorporated activity streams in workspaces. Users are able to ask questions, solve problems, and share knowledge efficiently through status posts and comments. However, it can happen that some people involved in a project or a potential sale can only communicate through email channels. The use of separate conversation threads is inefficient and problematic. Podio’s new Email to Item feature attempts to solve this.

podio email to item screenshot

Now, the latest Podio product provides an email address to any app item. What this means is that an external email that is relevant to the team but currently inaccessible to them can now be brought to a common workspace where they can read about it. For instance, an external client might have a request or feedback to a specific project item. Using this Email to Item enhancement, the email is forwarded to the email address of the project item, where the whole project team has access. With the email forwarded to the item email address, the contents and any documents attached will now appear as a comment on the project item. All information relevant to that project is therefore organized and kept together centrally and immediately available for anyone to see.

Call Attention Promptly with @Mentions for Android

Social network sites have an easy way to alert specific people and bring them into a conversation with the use of the “@ ” (at) symbol followed by their names (ex. @Name). The online version of Podio already has this feature and it is now bringing it to Android app users as well. By using the @Mentions feature, coworkers are notified to a discussion or activity that needs their participation. It is better than email because it is more immediate in delivery and notification, but less intrusive than a phone call.

podio android mentions

The @Mentions feature of the latest Podio product app for Android can be started in two ways. One way is to type the @ symbol followed by the letters of the name of the specific person who needs to be alerted. The second is to just type the name of the person but with the initial letter capitalized. Typing a few letters using either way will produce a list of possible names which the user can select. They will now be alerted through notification of the status post or comment where they have been mentioned. From then on, they will be notified about that specific post whenever it is updated. This is applicable also to an app item or task where the selected persons will be invited and be subscribed to those specific items.

These features are now available, with the Email to Item feature announced last December 2013. The Android @Mentions feature is now available from Google Play after it was announced last December also. Scheduled this January 2014 is the @Mentions version for iPhone and iPad users. Podio continues to enable its users to work the way they want to with these free and readily available apps in Podio’s App Market.

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