12 Project Management Hacks to Boost Your ivity

An average day of a project manager is spent attending to emails, chat sessions, and sending messages, dealing with clients, monitoring the team and ensuring all projects are on the right track. Many have to face project planning issues and low productivity problems and find innovative methods of dealing with this issue. This article has project management hacks mentioned to help boost productivity.

1. Believe in automation

Those who understand the importance of project management will always make use of automated tools to make their life easy. A project manager has endless duties from having to oversee the work of individual team members to check the status of all projects currently active. Opting for automation solves the basic issue of reducing errors in routine tasks. It helps with syncing of projects amongst team members, ensures proper flow or project, helps provide an updated status of each project along with important numbers, and many more.

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2. Regular communication is healthy

Effective communication is more important than you can imagine. In fact, it is one of the key elements of any project since miscommunication can prove very costly and result in loss of productivity. There are several methods of doing this from the traditional email communication in the office to face-to-face communication and even arranging team meetings. It is a good idea to establish an efficient method for flow of communication with the team members.

3. Be tactful enough to only accept tasks a team can handle

Every team has its limitations and it is important for a project manager to set realistic targets. Expecting too much from a team will only result in loss of productivity hence it is necessary to keep an eye on the project timeline prior to committing on submission.

4. Implement project management tools and prioritize on a daily basis

Project management tools are vital for the completion of any project especially when working with a large team and multiple projects. It can display all important numbers like tasks pending, days to completion and inform of resources available. Tools like this help plan smooth flow of a project and allow one to prioritize all tasks for the team on a daily basis.

5. Lead by example and remain focused on the goal

The right strategy to adopt is to focus on current tasks and not treat every task as urgent. One of the best techniques is to have a quick meeting first thing in the morning to ensure the team is focused on the tasks on hand. Removing unnecessary distractions messages on the messenger or frequent emails will also help improve productivity. Motivation is a key factor for team productivity, besides which efficient project management is also about leading by example since it is also contagious.

6. Be aware of team capabilities & give them ownership of their work

The project manager is one person who should be aware of the capabilities of individual team members. Besides helping a team be more productive it also helps to bail out the team when in a tough situation. Allowing team members to take ownership of their work induces a sense of responsibility and makes them accountable for their work. It also helps them build confidence and be more productive.

7. Maintain a good working environment with team-building exercise

The work environment and infrastructure of a firm plays a big role in the overall productivity of an individual. It tends to affect how team members feel about their work and how efficient they are. If all team members get along with each other it tends to be more productive. Arranging team-building exercises for this purpose is surprisingly effective.

8. Publicize your expectations & provide incentives

Letting the team members know what you expect of them will set the ball rolling in the right direction from the start. Providing incentives to the team members for tasks completed well is also a very good strategy and helps improve productivity.

9. Hire only right people and provide regular feedback

Hiring the right people can make a big difference and providing them timely feedback helps the team improve and boosts employee efficiency as well. Guiding a team in the correct direction also works out well.

10. Learn from previous projects 

Although every project is unique and there are a new set of challenges for each project. Every project also poses a good learning opportunity as well where it is possible to get to know more about the team members, how they handle individual tasks and react to pressure.

11. Give the team member some space:

Every employee would like to have a good working environment that is not crowded. Project managers tend to micromanage their team members which result in restricting their freedom. Giving them space is always more productive.

12. Have a plan B

A project manager may have a good team; however, it is never a good idea to rely on the 100%. Projects have a tendency of going sideways and it is best to have a plan B in such cases. A good project manager will always have other resources to fall back on.

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