10 Simple ivity Tips to Accomplish More Work

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To be productive means to be effective in one’s effort given a limited, specified time. A productive person is able to do more, do them faster, or needs less time to do them. And time is a constraint, because each one of us has only so many hours in a working day to accomplish our tasks. Moreover, there are days when we do not feel our best, when our energy is lacking, our motivation is missing, and our enthusiasm is wanting. What, then, can we do to get through the day positively?

Simple tips for increasing productivity while at work

In times when our enthusiasm, motivation or energy is lacking, we can make it up by having more of technique. With the following simple productivity tips, we can salvage an otherwise potential frustrating workday, and instead turn it around where we will feel accomplished and fruitful by the end of the day.

1. Prioritize the more important tasks.

Categorize tasks as either important, not important, urgent, not urgent, and focus on the important tasks first. Prioritizing important tasks will result in achieving major goals first, which puts you in a better frame of mind to handle the other tasks.

2. Tackle one task at a time.

Once you have your priorities set, focus all your concentration and strength in completing one task at a time. Multitasking distracts the brain to give its 100 percent, so it results in a harder and longer time to complete any one task.

3. Set a deadline and stick to it.

Another simple productivity technique is to organize the work day by setting a deadline for each task. You can allot a longer time for larger or more complicated tasks. However, as soon as a deadline has been set, you should treat it with utmost seriousness, because other tasks can be dependent on its completion.

4. Take regular breaks.

Break down work into smaller intervals, for example 25 minutes each, and have small 5 minute breaks in between. A work cycle can be composed of about four smaller work intervals, divided by several regular breaks that can help rest and recharge the mind, and provide the insight to solve a persistent and challenging problem.

5. Avoid checking email frequently.

Important tasks are seldom urgent, so it is better to work on set priorities than to constantly check email for any changes. Checking it every now and then takes your focus away from your work. An interruption to concentration will derail your train of thought and force you to start again the thinking process. So distractions like monitoring email wastes your time from completing important tasks and takes you longer to get back to important work.

6. Steer clear from social media.

Another simple productivity technique is to resist opening social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such, while working. It is harder to limit yourself from reading and viewing what your friends are posting, than simply to not open them at all. Telling yourself to give it a quick check can easily become a 15 to 20 minutes of wasted work time.

7. Clear and clean up your desk.

Aside from prioritizing and scheduling tasks, and maintaining focus on work that matters, it is also important to create a conducive environment that supports concentration and organization. It is easy to be distracted by what you see on your desk, and so it is important clear up items that are not related to work and to clean it up to further provide the mind with a tidy and organized view.

8. Dine away from your desk.

Sometimes, we feel the need to continue working even during lunch breaks, but there is very little benefit from doing this. As mentioned, taking breaks away from the work desk can provide a temporary respite and recharge the mind. Also, you avoid accidents of spilling drinks to the keyboard and other work documents. It can also be a chance to build rapport while sharing a meal with a colleague.

9. Eat healthy for sustained energy.

To have the stamina for long hours of work, as well as to have the alertness and focus while figuring out solutions to complex problems, you should be eating the right kind of foods that will provide long-term energy and protective nutrition. Salads, nuts and fruits provides more benefits than temporary energy boosters.

10. Exercise to stay fit.

Quality of work is dependent on how you feel on a daily basis. By being fit and full of energy, it is easier to jump into the challenges of work. Exercise does more than make the body stronger, because it also makes the mind sharper. When you sweat it out exercising, you also become more capable to manage stress.


We can take charge of our workday regardless of how we feel or how the circumstances change by following simple productivity tips and techniques. ivity can be achieved by practising even small efficient actions and using the right tools.

How about looking for a tool to accomplish more work?

The points made above all demonstrate different aspects to how you can accomplish more work.  There exist many tools/apps that can help in many of these and should be considered. Here are a few below that might set your projects on a successful path.

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