10 Resolutions for Effective Project Management

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Resolutions-2016Commonly the reasons why new year resolutions have a bad name is because they seldom last more than a couple of days due to a lack of determination. It is with an expectation this year will aid us with this much-needed determination, here are some resolutions to abide by this year.

1. Always Aim to be a Leader

Being a manager simply means you need to meet the expectations, whereas a leader paves the way and leads by example.

2. Treat Employees as Humans rather than Resources

Although industries refer to people as resources, a leader views them as human and not some assigned robots.

3. Use Technology Adequately

In this way, draw the most out of the tools you employ for project management tasks, by capturing, analyzing, monitoring, and reporting for the success of a project.

4. Collaboration is Key

Ensure that the customers, stakeholders, contractors, and team members are always connected and on the same page, as this is an important part of project success.

5. Focus on Quality

Effectiveness of a business depends on three key aspects: money, time, and effort. So, choosing quality over quantity of these parameters always define outcomes in the workplace.

6. Promote Organizational Culture

A good example of the organizational culture is the difference between the total amount of work done and the total amount of quality work done.

7. Prioritize Skills Over Resume

The highest priority should be on the improvement and development of skills for both the leader and team members as this is the only way to have a better and successful career.

8. Utilize Data in Decision-Making

When it comes to process, people, and risk management, leaders need to have a keen instinct in order to make difficult decision. Utilizing data in making these decisions can simplify the process greatly.

9. Health and Happiness Leads to Success

A work-life balance is absolutely necessary to stay focused, sharp, and succeed. Make sure to regularly meditate and exercise to overcome stress.

10. Have Vision, Determination, Focus

In all workplaces, you are faced with good and bad moments. Having vision, determination, and focus makes sure that you are able to overcome these moments.


As a Project Manager, a necessity is to bring tools, people, and culture together. Subsequently, as a leader, it is your duty to ensure that bad moments are overcome, milestones are reached, and projects are delivered on time with a high quality throughout the year.

How about looking for a tool to become effective?

The points made above all demonstrate different aspects to how it is important to become effective in your projects.  There exist many tools/apps that can help in many of these and should be considered.  Here are a few below that might set your projects on a successful path.

Moiz Noorani

Moiz Noorani

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